Valuation Services

VALEUR offers a complete set of valuation services for effectively all kinds of all properties and machinery/equipment according to the European Valuation Standards or the Red Book by RICS as the case may be either in Greece or in selective neighboring countries. In fact, VALEUR is one of the very few Greek advisors offering in-house top level expertise for the combined valuation of both properties and machinery/equipment. VALEUR is registered no 2 in the Registry of Approved Valuers of the Ministry of Finance for both property and machinery/equipment valuation services and  is also registered with EDEKT’s registry of Approved Real Estate Advisors for valuation services.

VALEUR has on  going relationships with banks and has also completed a number of specific projects for banks, leasing companies, private investors, corporates as well as individual property owners for a great variety of purposes like:

·         mortgage lending valuations

·         valuations for the preparation of financial statements according to IFRS

·         valuations within the context of  company merger and/or acquisition

·         valuations of the entire Fixed Assets registry

·         valuations with a view to purchase/sell or rent/lease

·         Fair Value/Expert Witness valuations

Notable assignments have included:

–       Valuation for a bank with a view to sale of 180 properties of all sorts all  over Greece acquired at auctions.

–       Valuation for a bank of 20 own properties for IFRS purposes

–       Valuation of the Fixed Assets registry of 3 private hospitals for IFRS purposes (total value of the order of € 180mln)

–       Valuation of 4-star 800-rooms resort  hotel complex managed by international operator with a view to sale

–       Valuation of 70.000m2 landholding with a view to development into a resort hotel plus villas complex  with a view to sale

–       Expert Witness valuation on account of large corporate in a legal dispute with local municipality to settle the compensation price of a landholding

–       Expert Witness valuation on account of public sector entity in a legal dispute with property owner to settle  the new rent adjustment

VALEUR has also taken part in some important bids like:

DEH: we initiated the setting up of an international joint venture which included a leading global machinery valuation company and a global audit/tax/management consultancy and which was one of the three pre-selected (out of 4 interested parties) for the important project of the valuation of the c. € 12bln Fixed Assets registry for IFRS purposes. VALEUR’s team consisted of 8 property valuers and  4 plant and machinery and equipment valuers.