VALEUR is a leading boutique  advisor  aiming  to provide world-class  real estate and financial intermediation professional services in Greece, Cyprus and selective neighboring countries in South East Europe for corporate users, property owners, banks and financial institutions, institutional and individual investors, government entities and other public sector organizations.

VALEUR specializes in commercial properties but will undertake individual projects involving  residential properties on an exclusively-mandated basis.

VALEUR is actively managed by Loucas Valetopoulos, Chairman, MRICS, an economist, who has over 30 years business experience having previously worked for Citibank. BNP, ABN-AMRO, ELKE (now Enterprise Greece) and ELECTRA (now TRASTOR/ Piraeus Bank’s REIT)  and Spiros Sarantopoulos, a PH.D-trained engineer, MRICS (machinery and business assets) and TEGOVA- expert valuer (property/machinery),  who has over 30 years experience management consultancy experience with over 150 full feasibility studies across a wide range of sectors of the Greek economy.

VALEUR began full operations in 2005, currently operates offices in Athens and Thessaloniki and is undertaking projects all over Greece and selectively in Cyprus and other neighboring  countries in South East Europe.

VALEUR is an independent advisor working with prominent private sector Greek and multinational companies, banks and funds and equity groups, institutional and  large and smaller individual investors , global and sector-specific consultancies as well as public sector organizations.

VALEUR was alliance member  of ATIS REAL (now BNP PARIBAS REAL ESTATE) for Greece and Cyprus and  is currently working with DTZ while maintaining relationships with a number of sector –specific global consultancies.

VALEUR enjoys a reputation and maintains a wide network of prominent business relationships that have enabled it to  lead or participate in large consultancy projects involving a number of   external property  collaborators as well as advisors of  other disciples.

VALEUR is listed  No 2 on the Registry of Approved Valuers for property as well as machinery and equipment at the Ministry of Finance. VALEUR is also registered  on the n the list of approved advisors by EDEKT for the provision of services of intermediation, valuation and development advice to Social Security Funds. VALEUR operates under  EN ISO 9001/2008 quality standard.