Financial Consulting

Finance consultancy

VALEUR is possibly unique in Greece to offer as part of a separate unit specialized finance consulting services. Our experience and expertise in this area, which tie well with our real estate consultancy services, are largely based on the long and varied experience of the Managing Director and the Chairman. It is to be noted that Dr. Spiros Sarantopoulos has completed over 150 full feasibility studies for a great number of different sectors of the Greek economy.

Finance consultancy projects relate to  “standard” work like the preparation of business plans and business evaluation studies but also more customized or specific projects like  : cost evaluation, investment evaluation, preparation on behalf of companies of applications for grants under EU finance programs, evaluation on behalf of intermediating banks of applications for grants under EU finance programs, etc. VALEUR has been extremely successful in getting approved applications it has filed on behalf of tis clients for grants under ESPA or the Greek Investment Incentives Law.

Notable assignments have included:

·         Preparation of company applications for grant funding under EU-financed Programs : VALEUR set up files and took 75 firms engaged in commerce, service, leisure and industrial activities all over Greece through the application process of ESPA for Small and Medium – Sized Enterprises. 55 of these applications were accepted—a 73% success rate—which constitutes a record for the industry

·        Technical  and Financial  Auditing: VALEUR acted  as Technical and Financial Auditor for a bank in relation to ESPA Programs. Valeur performs a full technical and financial audit of the completed investments to ensure their conformity to the grant application approval, a critical stage before the release of funds by the bank to the applicant. VALEUR reviewed over 700 completed projects all over Greece (550 investments within Regional Operational Program   and over 150 within ESPA)  , having supported the bank through difficult cases which went through local and central government  audits.

·         Evaluation of investment proposals: VALEUR was the leading consultant for a bank in Greece in the evaluation of investment proposals, cost evaluation and  inspection pertaining to national and regional development programs, including:

      ·        The valuation of expedience, eligibility and fair value of 780 investment proposals within the Regional Operational Programme (PEP) of Small and Medium Enterprises

      ·        The valuation of expedience, eligibility and fair value of 1076 investment proposals within the National Strategic Reference Framework (ESPA) of Small and Medium Enterprises