Residential Properties



VALEUR specializes in commercial properties, however we will undertake specific projects involving residential properties – generally on the basis of an exclusive mandate. Examples of work we have undertaken include :

–      Sale of c.400m2 villa in Dionysos in Athens (work on behalf of seller)

–      Valuation and sale of a property in Ekali area in Athens involving landholding of c.5.500m2 and a luxurious villa of c. 1.000m2 (work  on behalf of seller)

–       Search on behalf of potential buyer for appropriate options for the purchase of c. 200m2 villa in Paros

–      Work on behalf of individual expatriate/owner of residential plot of land on the island of Crete with a view to tourist development : valuation, report on current planning status and development possibilities, introduction of external collaborators, high-level project management of external collaborators with a view to the cancellation  of current planning regulations that negatively affected the development value of the property and replacement with more favorable regulations.

VALEUR is selectively active in introducing, negotiating, liaising with other professionals and helping to close purchase transactions of appropriate properties on account of foreign nationals wishing to take advantage of the recent legislation enabling then to obtain Greek residency permit (that allows them to travel within the EU without a visa for up to 10 years) if they buy a property with a value of over € 250.000. In this regard VALEUR has worked with Chinese, Russian and Lebanese nationals, is in close contact with lawyers and other professionals and follows up on changes in legislation.

VALEUR is also selectively active in introducing, negotiating, liaising with other professionals and helping to close buy or lease (including short-term/summer lease) transactions on account of foreign or expatriate nationals with appropriate resort residences in the areas in Greece that usually attract interest. The purchase of a resort home is always a highly individualistic decision and the areas of interest in Greece are far too many but we claim we know the market or will find our way in places like Paros, Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Crete (selective places) and Rhodes and Kos islands while we have occasionally been asked to do work in other areas in Greece. Our work will generally include planning due diligence and valuation – both areas with particular difficulties in the particular market segment.