Singular Logic: Lease acquisition

logo_singularlogicVALEUR was accepted as the sole real estate advisor to both parties in the transaction involving the leasing of the 6,500 m2 office building to Singular Logic, a well-known software company, in the 6-building office complex in Nea Ionia area of Athens. The office complex, where the headquarters of the 2004 Athens Olympic Committee were previously located, was renown for being one of the earliest and very few successful examples of a large industrial complex being redeveloped for commercial uses. The 2005 transaction was one of the largest transactions ever effected in the Greek property market involving an advisor and involved some highly complex and sensitive negotiations amongst a number of parties including a last minute cancellation to sign an initially fully agreed deal. The entire complex was later sold as an investment property to Eurobank Properties REIT (now Grivalia Properties REIT), one of the very few Greek institutional investors.